I will start with a series of listicle blogs, devoted to sharing my step-by step guidelines for achieving a successful function, pretty much every time (unless the client allows interference with the carefully planned layout and order of events). Unofficially, I found myself in the role of functions organiser , to the extent that may of my clients met with me prior to their wedding and said, “OK, tell us what to do”!

I had one or two mediocre functions at the beginning of my career, sat down and analysed the reasons, and decided to take much more control over the layout and timing of the segments of every function. The effect was very gratifying. I never had a dud wedding or function again, and guess what? We got busier every year. Corporates are more difficult to control, as there are always too many “cooks” and egos “spoiling the broth” and if you’re too pushy, you end up alienating your client. You have to walk a tightrope between what you know will work, and what the client wants.

Before my first listicle blog, I will write a comprehensive set of guidelines: from the first phone call, to the time we leave the function venue till we arrive home after the party and split it up into equal, brief sections, each with a heading. I may even leave a teaser at the end of each listicle, e.g. “Next time¾‘What to do when the caterer arrives drunk’ 👹”¾ only kidding!A newcomer to the site will be able to view all of them, as they will remain on the page.

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